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Magnus Kähler - Varumärkesstrateg / Brand Strategist

Brand strategist Magnus Kähler is a progressive business mind who gives insightful and thought-provoking speeches (in Swedish or English) on a wide range of topics related to branding, innovation, marketing and organizational culture.

When hiring Magnus, you will benefit from an open dialogue prior to your event and well-prepared, tailor-made speeches that set out to educate, inspire and open the audience’s mind.

Magnus applies his in-depth experience from global brand strategy development for leading brands such as Bentley, UBS, Fiskars, Philips, Sverige, Electrolux, Kraft Foods, Bring, Assa Abloy, Unilabs, Läkerol, Cederroth, Yara, Konecranes, GM, Haldex, FILA, Atomic etc and his speeches contain several best-practice examples to substantiate the ideas and concepts presented.

Below are a few examples of speeches that you can book. And please feel free to contact Magnus to discuss your specific needs to have him prepare a presentation that is in line with the objectives of your event.


The 15 Key Principles of Successful Brand-Building

You will learn about the most important areas of brand development that you need to master in order to build strong brands.

The 25 Common Mistakes that Hold Back Your Brand

Do you feel that your brand is not up to its full potential? Learn about common mistakes that hold back your brand from being the value-creator you want it to be.

The Amazing Ways You Can Innovate Your Brand, and Gain Superior Brand Relevance

In order to achieve and maintain brand leadership in your category, your customers need to perceive you as more relevant than others. This presentation explores different ways in which a brand can be innovated to gain superior relevance.

So You Have a Leading Offering Today – How Do You Package and Conceptualize it to Ensure Long-term Commercial Success?

There are numerous examples of leading innovations and product/service offerings that failed to reap success in the marketplace. This is a story about the importance of brand development as a way to secure long-term commercial success.

Powered by Empathy – The Empathic Organization that Motivates Employees and Drives Brand Growth

Empathy is a concept that can elevate a brand culture into a high-performing powerhouse with highly satisfied employees and loyal customers. What does empathy mean? How can empathy be nurtured throughout an organization to create a meaningful and customer-oriented culture that drives brand-driven growth?

The Journey to a Strong Place Brand – Learnings from the Development of the Brand Platform for Nation Brand Sweden

What are the fundamentals to succeed at developing a strong place brand? Magnus led the consulting team that was tasked to develop the brand platform for Nation Brand Sweden. In this seminar, he will share some key learnings and observations from that process.

The Wonderful World of Brand Naming

Are you about to start a name development process or are you about to launch a new brand name. This seminar will present the essentials of brand naming coupled with a wide range of good and bad brand name examples.

Brand Bonanza – A Global Brand Journey

Learn and be inspired by stories about successful, progressive brands from all over the world.



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