Brand Training that Elevates Your Branding Capability

Brand strategist Magnus Kähler offers educational and engaging brand training sessions (in Swedish or English) that empower you and your team to leverage the value and growth potential of branding. You will elevate the branding capability of your organization as well as boost the knowledge base and confidence of the persons participating in the training.

The brand sessions are grounded in theoretical frameworks and present several best-practice case examples to ensure actionable and inspiring learning.

You will gain valuable insights from an experienced brand strategist with hands-on brand development experience of a wide range of leading global brands.

Pick any one or a combination of training session/s listed below. If you don’t find what you are looking for, get in touch for a tailor-made session based on your specific needs.


The Value of a Brand Platform

The term ‘brand platform’ is used by many, but do they understand what it truly means? What is the value of defining your brand in a simple, rich and distinctive way? What are relevant content dimensions of a brand platform? How can a brand platform be packaged and used throughout the organization?

The Crafting of a Value Proposition

Lacking a clear and well-differentiated value proposition makes it difficult for customers to understand why they should choose a certain brand over another. You will learn about what a value proposition is and you will be presented with a value proposition framework and process that enables you to craft a differentiated, customer-centric value proposition.

The Brand Relevance Game

In order to achieve and maintain brand leadership in your category, your customers need to perceive you as more relevant than others. This session will explore different ways in which a brand can be innovated to stand out as the most relevant brand.

The Empathic Organization

Empathy is a concept that can elevate a brand culture into a high-performing powerhouse with highly satisfied employees and loyal customers. What does empathy mean? How can empathy be nurtured throughout an organization to create a meaningful and customer-oriented culture that drives brand-driven growth?

How to Develop a Brand Name

You will be introduced to brand naming in terms of different types of names illustrated with interesting name references for each type. A framework and process for name development will be presented and discussed, including how to evaluate name alternatives and come to a final decision on what name to go ahead with. Brand naming is both a fun and complex endeavour that requires you to consider multiple aspects, be it strategic, creative, legal, lingistic etc. This session will empower you to excel at naming development either internally or in collaboration with an external partner.

How to Structure Your Brands

Brand Architecture is about define how different brands and entities within your organization relate to each other. The primary value of a well-structured architecture is to help customers navigate and understand your offering. This session will introduce you to different brand architecture frameworks, and different types of brand endorsements/linkages. You will leave the session with clear ideas on how you can apply learnings when reviewing your current brand architecture.

The Elements of a Visual Identity

A brand’s Visual Identity is a very powerful strategic brand-building tool that is often underutilized. This session will present in-depth insights around each of the seven key elements of a visual identity, including good and bad brand examples of each element. Furthermore, it will present an exemplary Visual Identity development process, with linkage to the Brand Platform as its foundation.

How to Buy Brand Development Services

The agency/consultancy world tends to make it unnecessarily difficult for clients to fully understand the ins and outs of brand terminology, services, deliverables, previous experience/team competencies etc. This session will help you clarify the landscape to make you feel more comfortable and confident when managing brand agency/consultancy relationships and successfully buying brand development services.

If needed, and as a potential extension of this session, Magnus can help you with evaluating and selecting your brand agency/consultancy partner.


Length per session: approx 2.5 hours
All training sessions contain insightful and inspiring brand references to pedagogically illustrate the models and frameworks presented.


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